English Kindergarten



“Seeing is believing” - Tour our English Kindergarten & Nursery “First Steps”


Take a tour with us and see for yourself small children successfully and happily learning English.

Adults often have a difficult time believing that very young children, can learn English with native speakers for 4 hours daily and enjoy it.

Getting an early start with English offers benefits far beyond the classroom. First Steps Kindergarten is inviting families with their children to visit their premises to see for themselves how this learning experience is possible.

Call the Kindergarten at 33 81 81 262 or email the reception at przedszkole@anglojezyczne.pl to reserve a date for a tour.

Tours are possible between 9 am and 12 o`clock and usually lasts about an hour. Small groups of families are able to observe all the children working and learn about how the English Kindergarten and Nursery is organised. Children are able to join in activities and lessons if they so wish.