To enrol your child in our Kindergarten, please contact our reception staff to obtain your registration documents.

To guarantee a place with us for the new school year beginning in September, registration begins in February/March. Please be aware that registration is on a first come, first served basis and space is limited. Of course, registration is available any time throughout the year, space permitting.

You may also place your child’s name on our “waiting list” if there are no available spaces.

Before registering with us, we invite you to take a tour of our Kindergarten, at a pre-arranged time, with one of our managers. This will give you the opportunity to meet our open and friendly English and Polish teachers and assistants as well as observe our children’s enjoyment and acceptance of learning in a bilingual environment through a program which is varied, fun and most importantly, educational.


We provide discounts for families who have more than one child enrolled in our kindergarten. A reduction of 50 zł monthly for the second child and 100 zł for the third whether enrolled in Basic Steps Nursery, First Steps Kindergarten or our Primary School “Primary Steps”.

If you enrol a child (who has graduated from First Steps Kindergarten or Primary Steps School) in a language course in International House Bielsko-Biala, our language school, you will be eligible for a single discount of 50 zl for each child.