Bilingual Education Benefits

From the moment we are born, we are ready to learn language. We have the ability to hear and produce the sounds of a second language relatively easily and fast without any accent, but this ability begins to decrease as we get older. So it goes without saying that Kindergarten is the perfect age for children to start acquiring another language effortlessly!

Bilingualism has been linked to many cognitive advantages and some of the benefits of sending your child to a bilingual nursery or kindergarten like Basic Steps & First Steps and starting with a second language so early, are:

Linguistics – Exposure so early will result in easier and better fluency because children are like “sponges” and their developing brains accept and soak up everything. After 8 years old, children begin to lose the ability to hear and reproduce sounds well, making language acquisition much more difficult;

Educational – They become better at planning, focusing, critical thinking, multi-tasking, problem solving, mind flexibility , mathematical skills, auditive and visual perception, memorising, learning other languages and gaining higher academic scores in tests;

Social – advantages in communication, better economic and employment opportunities, and a more accepting and understanding view of the world.