About us

Our kindergarten and nursery
Our Nursery and Kindergarten “First Steps”  introduces children to the English language in a natural way. We  offer 4 hours daily of integrated learning with teachers of English – mainly native English speakers in our Kindergarten.

How we teach ?
When children learn with us, English language is not only an additional lesson as it is in other kindergartens, but includes intensive language learning and speaking practice within different types of activities such as arts & crafts, gymnastics, storytelling, meals, playtime, outdoor play, social events as well as outings and trips. Our children acquire knowledge in English and Polish at the same time, thus, they assimilate correct pronunciation, accent and intonation. They learn the basic expressions very quickly so that they are able to use them in everyday communication in appropriate contexts. To see how this looks in practice, you can watch the film presentation on our website – here . As well, we invite you to participate in one of our tours during the English teaching time slot.

Forest Adventure
A couple of the innovative programs we organise within the English block are:  “Forest Adventure” whereby the children travel by bus monthly to a forested area and participate in educational activities centered on the natural environment and their surroundings, and the awareness program “Blossoming with Special Friends” in which our children spend time with children from other schools, who are from socially or economically challenged families with special needs, learning impairment or disabilities. Our aim and hope is to help our children understand their own and others uniqueness, bring awareness, tolerance and acceptance of others.

Specialised Care
Our kindergarten utilises the services of the Psychological and Pedagogical Centre in Bielsko-Biała. Here, parents can obtain information about, educational problems, child development worries, behavioural issues and any other concerns related to young children.

At the beginning of our school year parents are given the opportunity to have their children examined by a posture correction specialist at our kindergarten, in order to identify any posture problems. Then an official document called “a referral” is  provided if a child needs to attend corrective exercise classes.

A Speech Therapist also visits us throughout the week and conducts lessons on a one-to-one basis and advises teachers and parents on ways to encourage better language development. All our specialists are highly qualified in working with kindergarten aged children and have many years of experience in their field.

Our teachers
Our teachers and staff are highly qualified, well experienced and passionate about their work. Our native English speakers do not know Polish at all and converse with the children only in English..

Children with allergies
Our kindergarten is particularly sensitive towards the needs of children with allergies, both respiratory and food. We provide individual diets for those children who have special requirements. We also aim to improve or change our children’s food choices in small steps and try to educate them on healthy food, table manners and general good eating habits.

Polish projects
In addition to the English language program, our kindergarten participates in a lot of interesting Polish projects both nationwide and within our region. We are involved in programs such as: “Zdrowy Przedszkolak” (culinary classes in which we prepare healthy cakes, muffins, salads and sandwiches), “Coloured Tuesdays”, “Green Garden”, “Sport is good for health”, “Academy of Aqua Fresh”, “Winnie the Friends of Nature”, “Clean up the World” and “Poland reads books to Kids”. We also run blocks of mathematical science and literacy. All in all, our desire is to educate young children, open their minds to the world around and teach them how to interact in a social group. We select attractive and innovative ways of working with children, using the method of Good Start by Prof. Marta Bogdanowicz and incorporate educational elements of Rudolf von Laban and Veronica Sherborne.

Additional Classes
We also provide additional classes such as rhythmics, dance, corrective exercises, ju-jitsu and, we are the only kindergarten in Bielsko-Biała providing a unique international program titled “Zippy’s Friends”, which promotes the emotional health of children.